To provide research-based support for new, existing, or transitioning schools and learning environments to promote innovative approaches for facilitating students' optimal learning and development.
  • Conduct research on innovative schools and learning environments and what is involved in creating and sustaining them.
  • Provide technical assistance to those interested in the difficult process of opening a new school or transitioning a school/learning environment to a new paradigm of learning, or sustaining existing innovations in schools and learning environments, whether the schools be private, public, pilot, lab, or charter or learning environments, such as science centers, museums, non-profit education centers, and more.

  • Serve as a research repository on school change, school models, and innovative schools and learning environments, with a focus on showcasing best practices which will include creating and housing technical assistance guides for those interested in starting and sustaining innovative schools and learning environments.

  • Communicate relevant research and news concerning innovative schools and education. This will include dissemination via a strong social media presence (Blog, Twitter, Facebook), conference attendance and presentations, and publications in both academic and practitioner-oriented outlets as well as interactive webinars.

  • Connect educational organizations with UCF students to facilitate research that benefits both the organization and the student, thereby generating research opportunities for UCF undergraduate and graduate students.

To help ensure that schools/learning environments that support students' optimal learning and development exist in every community in the U.S.

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